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Your company's image is on the line every day.

Chances are, your telephone is the most important communications link you have with your customers. Simply stated, your company's image is on the line the telephone line every day. Your competitive advantage depends on your ability to invest in the proper telecommunications resources that are both effective and cost-efficient.

Managing your telecommunications investment isn't easy today.

Telecommunications technology is changing every day. Vendors and carriers come and go. Mergers and acquisitions further complicate the playing field. On top of all that, new fees and charges are appearing on your telecommunications bills almost monthly.

What's a business to do?

You have significant telecom needs:

  • You need to stay current with the new technologies.
  • You need to maintain your telecom equipment.
  • Your staff needs to be trained in using your phone systems.
  • You need to negotiate with vendors at contract-renewal time.
  • You need to protect your systems from fraud.
  • And you certainly need to have and be prepared to implement disaster recovery plans.

Yet, as more and more companies are reducing expenses to stay competitive, it's difficult to cost-justify a dedicated inhouse telecommunications staff. And adding telecom responsibilities to an existing position rarely works: less attention gets paid to mission-critical issues; and already-overworked employees don't stand much of a chance to become the telecom experts they need to be.

Let TeleAdvice be your telecom staff.

TeleAdvice provides expert advice to assist your company with every aspect of your company's telecommunications. As a member of TeleAdvice, you have an experienced, knowledgeable and objective advisor who is as close as your telephone.
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