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DST - Programming Panasonic Phones

Date: January 1, 2001

Abstract: Step-by-step procedures for programming date and time on your Panasonic phone systems

Setting Date & Time on Panasonic Systems

Setting the date and time are accomplished by using the "manager programming section" of your phone system, at the lowest numbered telephone extension, typically extension 100 or 101. Your system may have an alternate programming extension, so check with your vendor to locate the proper extension. The manager program is usually password protected. Once you have entered the manager programming level, you enter the program number for date/time and then enter the new info. Last but not least, press the button associated with the 'enter" or "store" function. Programming the date follows similar steps.

Panasonic DBS:

All programming is done at the console:

  1. Press ON/OFF button
  2. Press PROG button (F appears on the display)
  3. Dial ## (Program Mode: Main Mode appears on the display)
  4. Press first ML Key (Select Sub Mode appears on the display)
  5. Dial 1# (1:Date 2:Time appears on the display)
  6. Dial 1# again (Month/Day/Year appears on the display)
  7. Enter six-digit month, day, and year (e.g., 092601 for Sept. 26. 2001)
  8. Dial #
  9. Enter four-digit hours and minutes (Military time)
  10. Dial #
  11. Press ON/OFF button (The new time and date will appear on the display)

Panasonic 576:

All programming is done at Attendant phone:

  1. Press ON/OFF button
  2. Press PROG button
  3. Dial #3
  4. Enter four-digit year (2001)
  5. Enter two-digit month
  6. Enter two-digit day
  7. Enter two-digit hour
  8. Enter two-digit minute
  9. Press ON/OFF button (The new time and date will appear on the display)

From the programming set:

  1. Press ON/OFF key
  2. Press PROG key
  3. Dial **9999 on keypad
  4. Press FF8 key
  5. Dial 1 on keypad
  6. Dial 00 on keypad
  7. Dial 0 on keypad
  8. Press HOLD key
  9. Enter new date on keypad in (YYMMDD) format
  10. Press HOLD key to save
  11. Press FF8 key
  12. Dial 1 on keypad
  13. Dial 00 on keypad
  14. Dial 1 on keypad
  15. Press HOLD key
  16. Enter new time on keypad in (HHMM) format
  17. Press HOLD key to save
  18. Press FF8 key
  19. Dial 1 on keypad
  20. Dial 00 on keypad
  21. Dial 2 on keypad
  22. Press HOLD key
  23. Enter new day of the week on keypad. (1=Mon, 2=Tue, 3=Wed, etc.)
  24. Press HOLD key to save
  25. Press ON/OFF key to exit

Panasonic XDP 824/1232:

All programming is done at extension 101:

  1. Press the Program button, followed by *#1234
  2. Dial 000, then follow the prompts on the LCD
  3. Enter date/time
  4. Press store key

Panasonic KXT 308/616:

All programming is done at extension 11:

  1. At control unit, switch button to program position
  2. Dial 00
  3. Enter date/time
  4. Press store key

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