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The TeleAdvice Guarantee

TeleAdvice Incorporated does not accept any monetary compensation from vendors, carriers, equipment manufacturers, distributors or entities representing a vendor, carrier, equipment manufacturer or distributor. Monetary compensation includes commissions, finder fees, referral fees, and free services or equipment.

TeleAdvice, Incorporated is the only consulting firm that has penalties when we do not make our commitments.

In the event that the client discovers that compensation has been given to TeleAdvice Incorporated in direct conflict to our policies, TeleAdvice Incorporated agrees to the following reparations:

  1. A refund of all payments made by the client, in full.

  2. A refund for interest in the amount of 6% calculated on the total payments made by the client.

  3. The return of all files and related documentation to the client.

  4. Any contracts from the vendors, carriers, equipment manufacturers, or distributors that provided monetary compensation to the consultant, are considered "null and void", and the consultant agrees to provide written documentation that his/her recommendation was influenced by the monetary compensation.

  5. A full page ad will be placed in the Business Section of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, at the consultant's expense, acknowledging that his/her firm accepts monetary compensation that influences his/her decisions

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