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The client shall defend, indemnify, and hold TeleAdvice Incorporated harmless from and against all liabilities, including but not limited to losses, damages, expenses, and any attorney's fees related to or arising from:

(a) any violation of the terms and conditions of TeleAdvice Incorporated by the client or its authorized users/employees;

(b) the use of any services or equipment supplied by vendors selected by the client or its authorized users/employees or entities other than TeleAdvice Incorporated;

(c) negligent acts, errors, or omissions of the client, its authorized users/employees, agents or contractors in connection with any equipment and/or services supplied by companies or entities other than TeleAdvice Incorporated;

(d) all Acts of God;

(e) violations and penalties under the Occupational Safety & Health Act ("OSHA").

Client agrees to hold TeleAdvice Incorporated to a total liability, not to exceed, the cost of the project, as detailed in the "Scope of Work" agreement, or the monthly retainer, whichever is greater.

Payment of invoices serves as acceptance and agreement by the client or its authorized users/employees.

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