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TeleAdvice Corporate Policies

The major goal of TeleAdvice Incorporated is to insure that all our clients receive the proper attention. The success of the consultant-client relationship weighs heavily on the availability of the advisor to his clients. Scheduling of our time takes tremendous effort and focus on time management. It is very common for our schedules to be filled two weeks in advance. These policies were created to insure our clients receive the proper attention, without imposing on other clients who have properly scheduled activities, and provide us the best opportunity possible to exceed our client's expectations.

TeleAdvice Incorporated is committed to a consultant-client relationship built upon successful communications. For that, we have chosen to provide our policies and internal Ground Rules for public review for both our current and prospective clients.

We actively solicit feedback from our clients and are always open to suggestions that would improve our relationships with and service offerings to our clients.

Updates and changes to our Company Policies are communicated to our clients via our invoices.

Specific Policies:

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