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Letter of Authority ("LOA")

Before any telecommunications vendor or carrier will speak with — let alone work with TeleAdvice Incorporated (or with any third-party entity, for that matter) on your behalf, they require that you submit a properly executed Letter of Authority ("LOA") document.

The LOA must display your name, your company name, and your title in the masthead; and it must explicity authorize TeleAdvice to perform the following on your behalf:

  • represent your interests;
  • negotiate contracts;
  • order, change, or disconnect equipment and/or services; and
  • obtain information from vendors and carriers about their existing and future services.

An LOA does not preclude you from acting on your behalf; it simply expedites and streamlines the consulting process for any issues in which you elect to involve us.

We Make It Easy For You

Once again, TeleAdvice makes the process easy for you by offering two simple methods:

Method One:
If you will be using your own letterhead:

Copy verbiage from this page and paste into your Word Processing program.

Method Two:
To generate the letter and letterhead information from a simple form:

Simply complete this online form (opens in new browser window) and press the "Generate LOA!" button. Once you do this, a cutomized Letter of Authority document will be created in a new browser window.

Steps Common to Both Methods:

Here is all you have to do:

  1. print the page;
  2. sign the letter;
  3. fax a signed copy to our office;
  4. mail the signed original to our office.

TeleAdvice Will Send Your Letter To Vendors & Carriers

Once we get your signed LOA from you, we will send it to all appropriate vendors and carriers on your behalf.

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