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About Our Services

TeleAdvice offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services. Each package is personalized to meet the individual requirements of the client to ensure the maximum results.

Telecommunications Analysis
Every system can use a checkup, including your communications network. TeleAdvice's Network Analysis identifies overcharges, lower-cost alternatives, special Tariff options, and potential refunds. Our detailed Network Audit identifies more effective and efficient ways to provide needed services.

Strategic Planning
Today's economy and business realities force many companies to focus on immediate issues; as a result, planning for the future gets lost by the wayside. When it comes to communications systems, companies often adopt a reactive rather than proactive approach. The fact is that planning for and implementing maturing technologies must be planned out carefully and intelligently. TeleAdvice helps your company design a strategic communications plan as a recipe for success.

Fraud Protection
You wouldn't leave the front door of your business un-locked, so why would you leave your telecommunication services vulnerable to fraud attacks? TeleAdvice will design and implement a proactive strategy tailored to protecting your company.

Disaster Recovery
People don't plan to fail — they simply fail to plan. The time to think about a disaster is beforeit happens — not when it happens. TeleAdvice's comprehensive Disaster Recovery Audit provides solutions for power outages, severe weather conditions, downed networks, cut facilities and more. Each plan is customized to your company's unique set of needs.

TeleAdvice will tailor a strategy that allows you to selectively delegate certain communications functions of your business. This allows you to concentrate on your core business while lowering costs and leveraging our expertise to your competitive advantage.

Equipment Acquisition
Frequent and rapid advances in technology make it increasingly more difficult for today's businesses to design and select appropriate communications systems. Because the selection process takes place every 5-10 years on average, many companies lack the expertise to undertake a project of this magnitude alone. You can ill afford to make decisions on such a major investment based on cost alone or by relying solely on the advice of the salesperson. It is also essential to design a system that is scalable and upgradable over time, thus minimizing your exposure to costly upgrades and retrofits. TeleAdvice assists you through the entire process, ensuring that your decision is a cost-effective and viable long-term solution.

RFP Services
Requests For Proposals (RFPs) are essential for ensuring you receive the proper products and services. TeleAdvice will write the RFP for you (or help you write it) and manage the entire project from conception to implementation.

Broker Services
Take advantage of TeleAdvice's Broker Services to save money when purchasing add-ons and expansion equipment. You can save hundreds of dollars by acquiring the surplus equipment of other companies, and you can receive money for your own excess equipment.

Results Sharing Plan
TeleAdvice's Revenue Sharing Plan is based on a very simple "win-win" principle: if we do not uncover expense reductions, then you owe us nothing!

Data Consulting
TeleAdvice's partnerships with trusted local data and network consulting firms means that your needs are always addressed promptly and with the quality and expertise you deserve.

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