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Results Sharing Plan

Found Money

Our Revenue Sharing Plan is a contingency-based plan that is tied directly to the results of the project. Compensation is paid with the funds that we recover or negotiate from realized savings. This is "found" money, not an additional expense.


TeleAdvice will deliver the results of the Network Audit along with a complete Network Portfolio, detailing the areas of cost reductions. Upon your approval of our recommendations, we then manage the process through to its completion. Our compensation is contingent on net savings based on a percentage of the first year's savings.

Win-Win Results

Revenue Sharing Plans are a widely accepted practice in many business areas, including the telecommunications industry, because it bases compensation on results rather than just billed hours. TeleAdvice's guarantee is simple; "If we do not uncover expense reductions - you owe us nothing." Your business can take advantage of TeleAdvice's expertise with a guarantee that is truly win-win.


Local Services:

Prior Monthly Expense: $2,300.00
New Monthly Expense: $1,910.00
Savings: $390.00
*50% of Savings $195.00

Long-Distance and Calling Cards:

Prior Cost-Per-Minute: $.150
New Cost-Per-Minute: $.031
CPM Difference: $.119
Total Domestic Minutes: X 3,950.4
Savings: $470.10
*50% of Savings $235.05

Cellular and Pager Services:

Prior Monthly Expense: $500.00
New Monthly Expense: $400.00
Savings: $100.00
*50% of Savings $50.00

Refunds and Credits:

Refund Check $900.00
Credits $600.00
Total Refunds & Credits: $1,500.00
*50% of Savings $750.00


Total Revenue Sharing $1,230.05
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