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TeleCommunications Analysis Services

TeleAdvice's Telecommunications Analysis Services are at the heart of what we do. This is a two-step process:

  • Network Review
  • Network Audit

Network Review — The First Step

TeleAdvice will perform an in-depth review of your local services and will deliver a comprehensive and easy-to-understand inventory of your communications network.

In addition, the Network Review can uncover potential savings opportunities associated with:

  • overcharges
  • lower-cost alternatives
  • refunds
  • discount options
  • better ways to provide needed services

The Network Review is your first step on the way to ensuring that you have all the right services at the right prices.

Network Audit

After TeleAdvice performs a Network Review, we conduct a comprehensive audit of all your telephone services — local and long distance.

Network Audits not only uncover overcharges, but they identify more efficient service options with lower recurring costs.

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